Friday, January 27, 2012

It never bloody stops

I'm so beaten down by things going wrong right now. I won't start on the work front cuz you'd be reading for a month.

Lets focus on the british visa issue.
The visa process to take DN to the UK to meet my folks and help me out with a highly stressful situation (older parents etc) has turned into a fucking nightmare. It took three full days to fill out the form and collect hundreds of pages of supporting financial information.

It is very costly - so far about $500 including the agency fee for them to walk the visa through. Well, it got denied. It got denied because she is "working" in the UK.  After multiple phone calls and googling and $40 call to the USELESS embassy we have decided to apply for a domestic worker visa.

If she doesn't get it she can't go. And her air ticket is non refundable. We had to have the bloody ticket for the visa. WTF??????

So another $500 on the visa
if she gets denied another $1000 on a ticket for DH


I take one kid and then go back with the other

Which ever way this turns out, we can't afford this and all this expense is totally stressing me out. My hair is falling out and I am in a constant state of panic. I have to take sleeping pills just to get a couple of hours rest.

I need some good luck. Just something to go right. Please.


  1. I am so sorry that you can't catch a break and I fully empathize with you on the worry over money issue.

    Sending you luck, from here to there.

  2. That's crazy! People take their nannies on vacation with them all the time! I'm so sorry and I am crossing fingers that it goes through....pooooor you....I wish I could volunteer to go with you and help out, but I suppose the ticket is also non-transferable! grrrr!

  3. Wow, that really sucks. And what totally stupid reason for denying her visa. What a mess - I hope it works out. Of course it will, but it will cost you craploads of money. Just sucks. So sorry.