Thursday, January 19, 2012


Looking for a job is hard when you don't fit into the boxes out there.  Everyone tells me how wonderful I am then but so far it's all talk.  So I decided to mix things up a bit. At every interview I tell them that I am consulting (selective clients only) and would be delighted if we could set something up.

It works!


So, the trip is going to be covered by various consulting gigs.

Double phew.

And with that relief comes excitement about my trip to blighty. I will get to sleep the whole night through. I will get to swim and work out at the hotel gym. I will get a bed to myself without elderly much loved but batty cats waking me up every twenty minutes to 'play' or the snoring bear next to me! I might even get a whole nights sleep.

Oh yeah and I will see my folks. That as well :-)

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  1. Yay! Well done, lady! Consulting is GREAT! Who knows, maybe it will become THE thing you do...loads of flexibility for family stuff and you get to be your own boss. I LOVE IT! And your trip sounds divine....happy trails!