Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well this should be interesting

I sent out the invites to friends and 'family' for the kids first birthday (holy crap, we have kids that are turning one!) ordered and got delivered the themed birthday crap that comes with having kids and even organised the UK contingent for a skype birthday inclusion.

Then I got my travel schedule for next month.

I am in San Francisco for well, basically most of it. Three trips to SF over the course of 3 weeks. One of the trips is for the whole week leading up to the kids birthday.

I'm so the women that asks the nanny to get her kids first birthday organised. Feel like Merryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada. Or Mommie Dearest.

Why do I feel so guilty? Its not like I'm at the spa for the week. Oh, this sucks.

What did you do for 1st birthdays and what advice can you offer, what should I look out for????


  1. For a first birthday, make it intimate (family and close friends) and focus on the celebration of this 1st birthday milestone.

    Try to make it easy breezy and let the true celebration be that these precious lives are one!

    Don't have too many children or you and your kids will pay the price of overstimulation. But do have some special treat for them to indulge in (whether it is their first cupcake (organic, vegan, gluten free) or whipped cream or yogurt or bananas with a candle. Start whatever birthday tradition you'd like to see carried on through their early years.

    Take lots of picture, let others oooh and ahhh over them and serve this sangria: (and make 2-3 batches, I am not kidding, it is adult crack in a cup).

  2. I agree with It Is What It Is, keep of simple. They get overstimulated so easily. This is a birthday party that you will remember, not them. When the nous turned 1 last year, we had a handful of people over. About 5 more adults and 4 children. We decorated and made birthday cupcakes. The kids for a little overstimulated at times, but all-in-all things went reallu well and we got some great pics of the kids eating their 1st cupcakes!

  3. I have actually been thinking about your kids, knowing their first birthday is around the corner...this is SO exciting! I told you I cried in the Walmart while buying 1st Birthday paper plates, didn't I? Our babes are a year old - time flies!

    So, yeah, we kept it simple at our house with guests limited to a few family and friends. For me, it was about keeping my kid happy. It was HIS birthday after all. I made and decorated his own little cake for him to destroy and ordered a gorgeous one for everyone else. We ate food I made and milled around the house and yard. I ordered several 2x3 photos of Scout and got magnet sleeves at Walmart and gave everyone a Scout refrigerator magnet (along with flower seed packets and other spring-themed items) in gift bags. It was quiet (well, except for my in-laws, of course), low key and nice.

    So, we tried this once before, but if your trips to SF aren't too hectic, I'm in a good position to take a day off and we could meet for coffee/lunch or something.