Monday, July 4, 2011

Toot Toot

That's my horn - I am tooting and damn I'm proud.
Now, tooting my own horn will probably incur the wrath of some British secret tooting society (that in of itself could be a really good blog) however, I am mum here me  TOOT ... loudly!

"Why? What's the deal with the tooting" I hear the hoards of readers out there asking???

Today is the second day where I have been flying totally solo with both kids. They are in the "hey, I can crawl so point me in the direction of the nearest deadliest outlet and I'll be on my merry way thanks mom" which means when they play*   I'm dripping with sweat from all the lunging and lifting and placing and diving and ... well you get the gist. I used to work out nearly everyday before kids and these past two days have been way harder than any namby pamby weightlifting session.

Normally this type of 'free play' is done in a kids play gym which is huge and great fun for all us coz I know its safe and they know where all the cool toys are. However, the sadists at the play gym decided that they should close from Friday to Tuesday. Whaaaa!

So, today I accomplished the following with no help from no-one no way...

The kids got 3 real meals
4-ish bottles
Two walks and two parks
Two 'free play' sessions in 2 different locations in the apartment
Kids were bathed, twice (lasagna is NOT my friend)
Stratically  sleep deprived both kids (little afternoon nap) so they will pass out without too much WAAAAAAAA -ing.
I made a beef in ginger thing from scratch for diner tonight
Ran all the bottles through the dishwasher to give the a big clean
Ran all the cooking crap through the dishwasher and put most of it away
The kitchen, living room and kids bedroom are all clean and ... OK not tidy exactly but you know...
I'm putting the amazing garlic bread in at 7pm in time for the return of my DH from work so we can eat, watch the fireworks and pretend he didn't have to work on a national holiday again.
Coffee machine is self cleaning coz my coffee tasted like ASS this morning
and best of all...

if the kids do pass out soon I may even get a bubble bath.

The best independence day EVER.

Happy 4th to one and all.

 *(ref: torture mom: English language dictionary 1973)


  1. Wow!!! You really do rock! We need to find a play gym like that one!

  2. You deserve to toot away...I hear you from here. Bravo!

  3. Wow! You are so impressive! I am coming over for lessons. I've been flying solo with my 9 mo old b/g twins for 2 days b/c hubby is working, too! They were fed and got to play at home. I just couldn't get us out of the house today. Living room a mess, kitchen a mess, etc, etc. You rule! Oh, it was like 90 degrees today and you did TWO parks. I bow to you, EB.

  4. Holy Crap! You are amazing! Isn't it wonderful to feel so in-control of your life? Some days I feel like the inmates run the asylum and other days I feel like I have it all under control. Good for you. xxoo

  5. Kudos to you and an extra loud toot! That was one heck of an active day! Amazing job, twin mom!