Saturday, July 23, 2011

DH done good

I am not drunk.

I love my DH. Remember project 'grow the fuck up'? Well, mission accomplished. No really.. accomplished.

He has been working on being a dad and I am amazed at his transformation. He just spent the day looking after the kids and they were fed, bottled, bathed and in bed by 6.30pm. He plays with them and they squeal with laughter. They cry and he soothes them. He got me iced tea coz he knew I'd be hot and bothered by the time I got home. He did the washing, cleaned up the kitchen... well, you get the message.

I am so frikkin proud to stand by his side. I am so very proud. 


  1. Congrats on a job well done, EB. Now come over and train mine lol. It's wonderful to hear you sounding so happy and getting the help you deserve.

  2. Glad to know he came through for you.

  3. I knew he could do it!
    Tell him, "Happy Wife, Happy Life"

  4. Wow....awesome! Way to go Mr. EB!