Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dreamin' of beaches

I am totally wiped. I would like to say I have been so busy doing fun summer stuff but I'm afraid its all work. Out of control totally out of freakin' control. I am hoping it is all in a great cause.

We can't afford an actual vacation. Which totally SUCKS. But I thought I'd invite some dreaming. If you could go and do anything what would it be?

Me? I would go to an island with family and friends and sleep. A beachside cabana with everyone I love around me so I don't miss another moment with my kids or husband.

Your turn.


  1. I would take the cruise of a lifetime we had planned to the Mediterranean (Italy, Spain, Greece) before my grandmother died and we cancelled the trip.

  2. Hi EB -- thought of you when I saw this post. Hope you're well and sending love,