Thursday, July 28, 2011

Drive by posting

Still insanely busy but I wanted to think out loud about something that just happened.

Last night I arrived back from my latest trip to San Francisco.  I was so excited to see the kids I was almost screaming at the plane to fly faster.  Pip and Mimi were engrossed in their Bab/y Einstei.n, sitting in their new chairs,  little feet tapping to the music. As is my usual MO I quickly sit in the rocker and DH picks up the kids and places them on me for a 'double cuddle' or 'maximum mum time'. Oh man, they had just had their bath and had that great baby smell.  I'm usually in seventh heaven at this point but for some reason I became overwhelmed with a profoundly sad sense. I hid my face and the tears fell.

What was that about??

It was such a freaky reaction.

Any ideas? Anyone else had that happen?


  1. You missed them.?
    You wished you didn't have to travel so much?
    Hormones? A long day?
    I can think of many reasons to cry - but I'm not in your shoes.
    How is your mood generally?
    I think the only think that is good about going away is the return:)
    Just my two cents.
    Take care xxoc

  2. Maybe you felt sad that your job takes you away from them sometimes. I am still overcome with emotion at times - some of which is unexplainable. I hope you're settled back in the groove of things now that the weekend is here.