Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Motherhood changed me

How much I have changed!  I used to be a people pleaser now, some would call me a total bitch now!! On a call with a rude colleague I held my tongue for as long as I could and then told her to stop interrupting me. Doesn't sound like a big thing but I did not use dulcet tones.

I guess being totally freaked out about the responsibility of being a mother all else fades into insignificance ... work and the outside world,  just doesn't matter as much. I don't care what my work world thinks of me anymore.

I really like this new confidence!

What is your wish today? Mine is that I had a time stopper: press the button and everything stops so I could sleep - 12 long uninterrupted hours.


  1. My wish is for a match that brings our next (which means second and last) child to us.

  2. Ohhhh, a wish?! How exciting! I have to spend my wish on Scout - wishing that he gets over his yucky cold quickly! Just like a mom, eh? And good for you and your new confidence!

  3. I wish I could bottle my kids laughs and open it whenever I want. :)