Sunday, June 2, 2013

electronics for toddlers

The kids love our iphones. They love the ipad also. It strikes me that on our forthcoming trip we should equip our phones and ipad with toddler approved entertainment.

However, what if they drop them. Sorry. What happens when they drop and break them.

So, is there an alternative out there? I've seen various 'ipad' like objects that are designed for toddlers but are they any good?

Your opinions and rants please. 


  1. You can get otterbox type cases for the devices that will help with keeping them safe. i have found them to be more resilient that I had thought. Even though your kids are small, make sure you impress on them to be careful. I tell my son that I will take it away if he doesn't treat it nicely. I've done it a few times, and he's gotten the message. I always thought I would make my kids color and read to pass the time. What a fool was i? Electronics are a Godsend!

  2. I dropped and shattered our ipad screen (not my 2yo or my 4yo, me!) and after that we got this waterproof/sandproof/dropproof case from amazon. It's heavy but it's worth it for me.

    After the ipad, my daughter has no tolerance for the leappad or any "kids" technology--too slow and clunky.

  3. Even though my husband is in IT and is an Apple-phile, we opted NOT to give our son an Apple device when he was a toddler, in preschool, or even now that he is 6 (we do have an iPad that he has a folder of games in, but we limit his daily screen time (which includes all screentime (TV, computer, iPad). We opted to get him a Leapster Explorer when he was 3 and, at 6, he STILL loves it. In fact, he was just in a wedding over the weekend and they gave him two new games as a gift.

    I am sure there is a new iteration of the device now.

    Since we went with that first, it framed his expectation and we have not had the issue with frustration with it being too slow. And, it has taught him responsibility as it is fully his device to keep track of and charge and mind his game cartridges.

  4. We gave E our retired iPhones to use essentially as an iPod Touch. I love the amount of apps that are available. Coincidentally, I dropped my phone and the screen shattered, but missionrepair fixed it. Now they are outfitted with Otterbox Defenders. They've survived all sorts of abuse safely enclosed in those.

  5. Wow. You all are so tech-advanced...I feel like a little ole grandma. We have none of these gadgets, but with any adult gizmo Scout has used, our experience is that once they get to use the real thing, no toy will suffice. This goes for computers, brooms, cell name it. They seem to find the toy imitation to be boring. So if covers, defenders, cases or whatever are available, that may be the way to go.