Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And we're off...

Tomorrow is D day. Good lord, traveling with this many people is hard work :) I have just got home and put my clothes on the bed. I am so shocked at how much weight I have eaten on in the past 12 months. Actually, past 8 months because I was doing amazingly well till just after Sandy. I put on my summer jeans and they don't fit. Not tight. Just the wrong dang size. YIKES. Good luck I always drop weight when I go to England.

Ah well, what goes up ....

I'm a bit nervous about the kids on such a long journey now they are vocal. Before, if they cried I could soothe them. Now? Not so sure.  We are keeping Mimi's Binky in reserve for take off, landing and
screaming fits. We have a secret stash of little cars for Pip. I do hope that works! For me? I would say chocolate but that strategy hasn't fared so well this year. So I downloaded soft, airy piano concerto by a fave composer of mine. If it all gets a bit loud - earplug in :)

Thanks for the pointers on how to handle the family drama.  I decided to speak to my brother face to face when I see him and then minimize my exposure to the centre of all evil - my SIL.  I sent out the time table of visits to the various feuding families. We get my nephew for half the week coz he has a school trip that he  has to go on half way through the week but that is long enough for some fun. We bought him a catchers mitt and soft ball. We'll take him to the Harry Potter train and if the weather cooperates a nice long hike on the cliffs.

We are going to Scalby, North Yorkshire - for those that asked.  Nr Scarborough. Oh yes, we are that classy. Think Conney Island in bad weather for my American friends :)

The traditional present one brings back from the seaside is called 'rock' or stick candy I think its called here? We also speak an old dialect: Na than (hello) Ey up (hello) Seethee (good bye) Ah Kid (relative).

So, Seethee then, ah kid. 


  1. Thinking about you. I hope the travel went well and the family is settled down. Just keep your focus up and down (ie, parents and kids).

    When you return, would you consider posting a picture or two of the countryside/cliffs/seaside you visited? I'd love to see them! That is, if you had your hands free enough to take photos during the trip.

  2. Safe (and fun) travels.

    Remember to breathe and always remember, 'this, too, shall pass'.