Monday, June 24, 2013

view from my ...ear infection!

This was the view from my front door ...

... and this was the view in front of the cottage

How could you not love this place! 
What you can't see is the sea and the castle in the distance. It was about 5 miles from the beach. Oh how wonderful. 

The air was so clean and fresh. The meadow behind had the lambs and the one to the right had calves. I swear!

The question posted yesterday was how SIL tried to ruin things. Well, she made up a fake school trip so that my nephew had to go back to school half way through the holiday week.  She also turned up at the cottages. Now, to put this into perspective I haven't actually seen this women for over a year including recently when my dad went to hospital and my mum was chair bound.
To top it all off she insisted we go out for lunch (there were 9 of us in total) and then walked out when the check arrived so I ended up paying. Then they announced they would stay the night so we should go out for an evening meal in the local pub. I declined.

Now, we are home my little Pip is down with an ear infection. I haven't seen him this sick for a while. You know what - I'm not stressing. I don't have to go into a hateful job. I can look after him day and night ( he's not sleeping so I am not sleeping). He's a trouper. He even said 'bye doctor, thanks' when we left her office in his tiny little boy voice. I gave him his first dose of antibiotics at 12 today and this evening he is matching his sisters crazy act.

More photo's to come once I get my act together with the camera. 

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  1. Well, that would be me, wanting to know. I so dislike passive-aggressive and manipulative people. What does she have to gain? What is the pay-off for her? These are quasi-rhetorical, but that is at the crux of people like her.

    I am sorry to hear of Pip's ear infection. My older son suffered from them acutely, and when he was 3-4, had 7 in 12 months. No bueno, but we managed to escape ear tubes (he'd already had one surgery under general anesthesia when he was 2 1/2 and I did not want to undergo another if it could be avoided and not at the expense of his health).

    Lovely view!