Sunday, June 23, 2013

Holiday photo's part 1.

This is beach ware for June in the north of England. Actually, to be fair we did have some lovely weather, just not all the day! On the days it was sunny we made sure to be out and about so we came back with a tan, which is so funny.

So, the holiday was lovely. The cottages were great and I shall post photo's tomorrow once my jet lag allows me to think again. We hiked, went to museums, went to a play, had donkey rides on the beach, ate fish chips nearly everyday and swam in the pool for hours.
Yes, SIL tried to ruin things but failed and an annoying friend turned up but was dispatched pretty quickly. The friend we traveled with was amazing. I love her more now than when we set off!!

When we arrived I let my folks know I would be coming back and forth and my dad said 'no way'. He insisted we stay and have a proper holiday for the kids. The one day we did make a visit was exhausting for the kids - granddad knows best.

Their health is improving I am delighted to report.

Oh it was so lovely to be off the grid and taking life slowly. So much so that going to the park today I wondered if we shouldn't reconsider the New York and kids thing.  I'll get over it I'm sure :) I was able to throw them outside into a green garden when they annoyed me, I mean, when they needed some exercise.

One thing I noticed on vacation was that the serving sizes in the UK rival US servings. I was totally crap at balanced eating although everyone else did very well. Next visit we decided to start the day with a 3 hour hike to balance off the lard and deep fried potato!!

I now have a mountain of washing, cooking and general post holiday stuff to do so signing off.

More photo's tomorrow.

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  1. So glad the trip was a success. The nosey neighbor in me wants to know how SIL tried to ruin things.

    I HATE the portion sizes here but we've gotten smart and either only order from the appetizer menu or order one entree and split it.