Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sh*t kids say

So there I am. Walking back home with my two little angels after playing in the park. We whooshed down slides and wheeeeeeeeeeed back and forth on the swings.

We were all a bit bushed coz its really hot here right now.

I turned to Pip and said "hot ?"

and I swear he said

"f*cking hot"

I mean, its hard to understand him sometimes but the friend I was with looked at me and we both said  'nahhhhhh'

F*ck nahhhhhh


  1. Oh, he said it, he totally said it ;)

  2. He's right. It was fucking hot today. How about a play date? With wine!

  3. Yes he did! Isobel did that a couple of weeks ago! They her everything we and others say and keep everything stored up for the opportune moment!