Monday, May 27, 2013

Quiet weekend and international travel

I know most people spend the Memorial weekend run around to BBQ's and what not but we haven't. In fact, most of the family is fast asleep for the afternoon again :) If we had a beach house this would be one of those weekends written about in novels based in Maine.

Oh daaarling, downt be gaushhhhhh. Pass the lobstah!

We went out to a 50s burger place for brunch today. We all shared one meal due to a) cost and b) HUGE portions. Then we walked home in the sunshine and when we got home Pip fell asleep snuggled up on me. Is it just me or is that the most profoundly happy feeling - little ball of life, fast asleep and totally obvious to the cares of the world.

We skype with my folks quite a bit and today they gave us wonderful news. My mum is on the mend and my dad is recovering well. They both went down like a stone at exactly the same time a few weeks ago - one hospitalised and the other immobile at home.  However, they are making speedy recoveries which is just wonderful. We were supposed to go to a seaside farm for my dads 80th next month. It's been planned, paid for and chewed over for 15 months now. However, whilst most of the party will go to the seaside farm/beach and I will drive 3 hours a day to and from my folks home so they get to see the kids.  Wouldn't it be amazing if they were well enough to come to the cottages. Mustn't get hopeful.  Or think about the petrol bill!

We are planning our travel down to the nth degree. The debate at the moment is whether or not to take strollers. When we are in the UK the kids will walk. However, we have a 12 hour flight split in two and then on the return we have a stinky 4 hour lay over. If we have the strollers the kids can sleep and I can keep them locked in when needed!!  We have one single stroller that we could take and they could share rides? Or we can take two umbrella strollers?

What do you think?


  1. I can't fashion an international airport without a stroller for each child at that age. I would lose my minds just trying to coax then to the gate! I would do two umbrellas.

  2. I'm so glad to hear your parents are doing well and getting better. And yes, a snuggly little ball of kiddo is the best! As to the stroller for travel, if they're a pain to lug, bring one. I do like the idea of locking a kid in place periodically and the other can always be held/carried for short stints. What a wonderful trip!