Thursday, May 23, 2013

Humid with chance of terrible two tantrum

Summer is here in all its humid crappy glory. This year we have opted for the 'whatever is free' approach with the kids. I just cannot get to grips with the $800 summer class terms here. I mean, seriously - unless Picasso is teaching the class I just don't get it.

Both kids are terrible toddlers which can be fantastic and dreadful at the same time. No! Mine! I'm so MAD (foot stomp)! I love you mummy (glorious expression) Its OK (sibling) I'm here.

 Since swimming is free we may well be water babies this summer. Anything to tire them out! New York is amazing for free kids activities if you know how to find them. I go to three sites (mommiepoppins, nycgov and the library site).  Every day there are at least three classes and a handful of events we can take advantage of. It doesn't help the constant squabbling or Jekyll & Hyde toddler life but at least I have amazing help :)

Work wise...
Through a friend I have free rockin' new office space.  My new work adventure is off to a strong start. I have three avenue's of income and I am working them all to bone! We have officially been open for business a whole 4 days but I'm hopeful that our first paying clients will be landing very soon. Keep your fingers crossed :)

Well, its 830 and we are all just laying around in the heat so I should get the troupes rallied and out the door before the rain sets in.

grateful for this sweet life :)

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  1. First, congratulations on quitting the horrible job and for venturing into your own business! I was underwater these past couple weeks with too much tension and serious stuff and just caught up on your blog now. So very happy for you! I hope you land 3 gigs per month and triple your old salary.

    Free kids activies are as fun and often more fun than costly ones - at least the kids don't know the difference. Enjoy your littles and best wishes to you!