Saturday, May 18, 2013

The sweet sense of returning

I have been so out of myself for the past 8 months that this weekend feels like I just got let out of prison. I am wallowing in my motherly world. Cleaning and feeding and playing and washing and wearing skirts without heels :)

I even considered getting an apron but since I can't really cook it hardly makes sense

Whilst i have been busy being a poor imitation of Betty 'you know who', my delightful other half has worked on getting my website together. Its really good. Simple, obvious and to the point.

I am hoping that it will garner a whole lotta business :)

The kids are stuck to my side. Pip is leaning on my as I type and Mimi holds my hand wherever we go.

Deep breathing and smiling. Thats me right now.

How are you all doing?

1 comment:

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