Sunday, April 1, 2012

split lip

Last week I bonked Pip's head as I was putting him down in his crib - well, he bonked his head but you know what I mean. His lip started to bleed a little then stopped.
Today, not to be outdone, Mimi took a tumble and split her lip in three place. Blood everywhere. I gave her ice to eat which is easier than trying to hold a 2 yr old and apply ice. She's fine, it looks worse ... etc.

I am a total mess.

You wouldn't believe the things that went through my mind.  You are such a crappy mother. You are in no way fit to look after these kids. You should just leave and do everyone a favour.

Oh yes, full on.

This is all flamed by my unemployment funk. It really is tough to be interviewed and rejected. Yuck. Not used to it and don't want to get used to it thank you very much. Doesn't help that someone close to me said " well, now with the kids, you're almost unemployable".


We watched the Mu.ppets movie this weekend with the kids. They loved it. We all sat huddled around giggling and dancing and messing about. If I am unemployable would that be such a bad thing?


  1. two things:
    -unemployable? Really? Kind of illegal to ask about your family when interviewing you.
    -my son has a split lip and a big bruise on his forhead. I figure until he is 3 he will just look like that. So don't feel bad at all.

  2. My first thought was the same as Irrational's, illegal to ask about familial status. Just make sure the toys don't fall out of your jacket pocket during the interview!

    Sorry, I don't mean to joke. It's one thing to WANT to stay home with your kids; it's another when it's because you can't find a job. In NYC of all places.

    As for split lips, oh yeah, Scout had his share during those first months of walking. You know those alleged *stand-to-walk* toys? Uh-uh. They should be called *stand-to-fall* toys. My DH set Scout off with one of those rolling injury traps just days before Scout turned 1 year old, down the hall on the hardwood floors no less. Scout ended up with a big, fat lip. Two hours later we had an appointment with a photographer to take shots of my Dad (his only trip here) with Scout. Scout doesn't even look like my own kid to me in those photos with his swollen mouth.

    The good thing is, kids heal fast.

  3. Don't feel bad - Kendall got her first split chin and 6 stitches last spring on my watch. I felt horrible - especially after the nurses in the ER kept asking how it happened. "She just fell off a riding toy and hit the tile in the kitchen". I started to feel like they were really questioning me!

    You keep believing that you're going to find a job - you are an incredibly smart, witty and caring person. You'll find the right job. Or, rather it will find you! Hang in there!