Saturday, April 14, 2012

School daze.

We went to our first preschool visit. The chick that showed us around started the school for her daughter. She wanted a space that had structured free play. Basically she wanted her kids to learn to love learning. All the parents attend with their kids, where you contribute as a teacher and then eat lunch together.

It's a little, one room playhouse that is immaculately clean and very welcoming.

There are only ten kids per class (and ten parents). Two mornings a week we all learn together. Clearly it poses some logistical issues. My DH works a schedule and would have to ask permission to change it. I'm consulting right now but by the time they are two, who knows. Maybe I could swing it? 1030am to 12.30am.

I do love it. It has a wonderful little garden. Outings. It's in a public park with a cool kids area. It's the only one in the 5 boroughs and it's affordable.

We're going to look around the Y and there's a great school in the synagogue but they are much farther away and much more expensive. I just don't know understand how two mornings a week costs 12K?? What are these preschools teaching?!

I cannot believe I am looking into schooling options for my babies!!! Wow.


  1. Structured free play? Learning? IMMACULATELY CLEAN? Take it! We have at least a dozen daycare/preschool facilities both near our home and near my office. I've toured most of them. I liked ONE. Except for that one, perfect place, there were always trade-offs that I couldn't live with. Ugh. So difficult. And yes, the cost is eye-popping, eh? I hope this place works out for you.

  2. You could look to form your own informal coop school. There was an article about it in the NYTimes not long ago. There are 2 yahoogroups in northern manhattan where quite a few families homeschool and have "arrangements" regarding days, responsibilities, sharing the teaching etc. the groups are called inwoodkids and parentandme1.

    1. Thanks Mchang, that is really great info!