Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moving On

So the last post drew out some less than generous commentators. Mostly the comments that were meant to be oppositional missed the whole point but isn't that always the way.

I'm glad for the exchanges tho. It made me think about what I want from this experience. I have long said that this blog should be a place for support, reflection and interaction for women that are or have struggled with creating a family. The blogs I read and comment on (when I have time) are all women that have been or are going through so much. These women are courageous and dedicated enough to share that experience and I for one have got so much from reading their words.

Some blogs go private when the anonymous cat crew strikes. I don't think I shall tho. I responded to the last set of anonymous scribes since it was relevant to the post, but that isn't my usual way. I'll just ignore them and invite you do to the same.

I am proud of this blog. I'm proud of the time, energy, thought and application it takes to keep it going. More importantly it means the world to me to be part of the IF blog environment. I've felt support from you guys that has rendered me speechless. Nothing any 'anon-mouse' writes can or will stop me from being part of this.

For you...


  1. OMG. I missed it too...but I went back and wrote you a short novel as a comment. The inquistion and judmental comments pissed me off, actually. WTF. So sorry. You're the one who deserves the bouquet.