Saturday, April 7, 2012

Martha's Vineyard

So, we live in NYC. The last vacation we had was when I was pregnant and it was two night in a hotel about an hour or so away.

Today we have found out that very close to where we live is a boat that takes you to... Martha's Vineyard. We could walk the ferry and take the frikkin boat to an actual holiday, with beaches and sea and ice cream and ... well... all that crap.

Here's a question oh bloggie sisters. Anyone been to MV and if so did you happen to notice somewhere nice to stay. Can toddlers stay at B&B's? Is there a hotel that would be more appropriate. Do you happen to have a lovely house on the water that you are just aching to let a financially strapped family use for a week and if so could you throw in the maid and jet ski's also please.

Would love to hear from anyone with experience of the island and it suitability for kids.


  1. Maybe your tastes should change. Get rid of the nanny. Get rid of the expensive vacations. You no longer have a job. What you think are necessary are total luxuries.

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