Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Musical and literary genius

I have totally turned into one of those mums. I think, no I know, that Pip is a musical genius. Yep. He is more talented than Mozart and Mobi combined. He sings in tune to classical music, claps in rhythm and dances like a crazy person.
Mimi, she can read and count and is clearly the missing Bronte sister. Didn't know there was a missing Bronte sister, well, er you may have a point.

That having been said I will not be putting them into prep pre-school school. I fuukin' kid you not. Nor do I want them in any fast tracking or special programs.  Everyone I know that was a star at school burnt out before they turned 21. I dream they become university teachers in a nice town somewhere that we can retire to! Grandkids. May I remind the reader the guys are not yet 2.

Poor kids. Crazy momma.


  1. Cheers for the momma who isn't going to drive their kids to burnout!!! Whooohoo! My mom has decided E is also a musical genius. He really just loves music and will stop when he hears a tune to dance and boogie. I bought him some fun musical toys which he just can't get enough of. BTW, I'm coming to nyc in June. Any suggestions on restaurants to hit?

  2. Your children will be on the education treadmill long enough, they are clearly bright so they could get very bored when they go to school. What do the bright kids do when teacher is working with the other kids? They are lucky that they have each other to amuse themselves. I sent my kids to playschool so that they could mix and socialise with other children.Keep up the good work.

  3. What a great mom you are for recognizing their genius early and getting a plan in place so they don't burn out, go insane or end up one of those poor kids who is in university at age 13. I wish Scout was a musical genius. He has various musical instruments, but his playing nearly bursts my eardrums and I end up putting the horns, whistles, flutes and such up on a high shelf. He can, however, sing Old MacDonald had a Farm and although his voice is flat and off key, it's adorable.