Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is it me or is this FUN!

OK, yes, I am totally knackered and would give my right arm for a beach vacation right about now but the whole presents and stories and expectations and cute clothing and happiness and circus and trying new foods like fish … its all so much fun with little kids.

right now, mimi has packed her backpack and she is going to school but her twin is really upset that she is going without her so he is running around trying to pack his backpack and all the while it was a clever trick to get to his new train set

we have had sick kids right up to christmas day but luckily they are both 90% again and we managed to go to the circus with a dear friend. looks like mimi has been a performer in a past life. she was physically desperate to get in the ring. pip just loved jamming out to the music.

and now

boxing day

where we are supposed to get the packages out of the house and eat up left over turkey (we went out for lunch so we have NO food at all) and where naps are absolutely on the docket.

even the annoying arguments are somehow more fun

hope you an yours had a wonderful holiday. 

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