Monday, December 9, 2013

Apple tree not far fallen

Last weekend the kids had dress rehearsal for the nutcracker suite in which they play reindeer's. We got thrown out. 


My kids were asked to leave only an hour into the 4 hour rehearsal. 

This is faintly familiar. 

I was expelled from ballet class. And brownies. And school but that's a whole different story. And kids, if you are reading this many years from now I was expelled through injustice. I was fighting for equal rights - my equal rights - not to have to wear a skirt or hold Jillian's hand coz she smelt, but this isn't about me. 

Yes, my kids are starting to take on the family business of bucking every authoritarian model known to mankind. 

This coming weekend we have folks coming into town to watch these little reindeer's prance on stage for 3 mins. Please, guys, just try to prance. For my sake. Please. 

Oh who am I kidding.


  1. Get them under control. Getting kicked out of one event is maybe understandable, but multiple events??? Nope. While bucking authority may sound cool because they are developing personalities they need to learn to respect others. That starts with you. I know I sound harsh, but if they don't understand they have to respect authority now you are in for hell when they enter school.

    1. Thanks for you comment. It was me that got thrown out of multiple events as a kid, I went on to get the third highest degree awarded in the country so maybe my folks didn't do too poorly.
      Both my kids are being tutored at Grade 1 level so again, not sure if we have a problem but thank you for your concern

  2. I can't believe they expect kids that age to do a FOUR HOUR rehearsal! What did they do exactly to get kicked out? And how were the other kids able to manage for that length of time without getting restless? Sorry that happened!!!

  3. 4 hours??? Yeah, that's how long my SATs were.