Sunday, December 1, 2013

Things that happen when you have twins.

By the end of  a long weekend dealing with two 3 yr olds by myself this is the scene

Kids are major scruff bags.  Hair - all over the place with possible bits of meal in it.  Clothing - if they are still wearing any they are covered in meal and crayon and possibly pee. Smell - everything smells of milk. The sofa, the kids, me, the cats. Not sure how since I am pretty sure we ran out of milk some time ago but there you are.

Space dynamics go all to shit too.

If I got to put something down I generally miss the surface. Hey! maybe that's where the smell of milk is coming from. Dropping all those milk bottles?

The washing that I did at the beginning of this weekend is still on the clothes horse. No chance of me getting to it. Besides, it needs to be washed again - it smells of milk.

The cats are just no-where to be seen. Just smelt. Old cat and old milk.

My husband walks through the door with trepidation. What will he find? What state will I be in?

"What the hell is that smell? Milk?"

I burst into tears.

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  1. I am so happy it is not just me! I don't know how it all goes to hell so quickly. I had to stay up til 3 am cleaning up the fiasco as to not be humiliated when the speech therapist came for my 3 year old twins on Monday morning. Hope you got some rest. When did they say that it gets easier? LMAO!
    Kathy xoxo