Sunday, June 22, 2014

We went camping. TICK ALERT!

Growing up I was quite outdoorsy. Weren't we all back then! I was an avid venture scouter - free weekend outdoor fun.

Since moving to the states I was prettified of going anywhere near the real outdoors. If I hiked I did so out of season when it was cold enough to kill any living thing.

Well, this weekend we all went camping. Now, granted we had a cabin but it was four walls and a floor type cabin. We still needed all the usual crap of sleeping bags and backpacks galore. I love all the crap that you have to take. I love the hooks and water bottles and torches.

We were by a river, in the woods and each day we would get up, have a lazy breakfast, then hike hike hike. The little ones might be short but damn they can walk.

We had a campfire at night and ate s'mores (a first for me - how have I lived this long and not had them before) and at night, as the kids fell asleep on their awesome travel beds (lightweight, no fuss and keeps them off the ground) I could smell the wood smoke in their hair.

I may have overdone the anti mosquite stuff but when I was a kid the worst you could get was a little mossie bite.

Snakes, bears, mosquito's the size of tents, buzzies and of course ticks.

Did we get a tick ride along? Of course.

When we got home I checked every inch of those kids. EVERY INCH. And there it was. Hidden in a crook on my little fella. I grabbed the tweezers and went to work. FREAKING OUT ALL THE TIME.

Seriously. I just don't get why it's so hard to go camping. I got it and washed the area and then wiped it with alcohol. I shall ask sn to take him in to the docs tomorrow just to make sure.

Now its over and I googled the facts - only 1 - 3% chance if an infection and even then its treatable - shall I go back on my 'hell no camping' promise? Yeah. I think so. Although the kids will be hermetically sealed from the neck down for the entire trip.

Mr Man along. NOt your camping type of fella but he did to be with the kids and that in my book is a good guy.

So, a lovely memory making weekend. Now it's time for True Blood.

Hope you are all doing well. 

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