Saturday, June 7, 2014

School News

Normally getting into pre K in NYC is usually insane. Impossible is more an accurate description. However, by a stroke of amazing luck, the new major has funded universal Pre K for all. So my kids got their letter of notification this week and we are not only going to PreK its an all day program, at the school we wanted and there are two classes so the kids get to learn in their own way.


I am in shock to be honest. I am just didn't believe it would all go so easily. When I say easy I mean stalking the school since I was pregnant and checking the websites every day twice a day.

Its so much fun right now. They are loud and noisy and talk all the time. Pip is a character. Funny, indignant, super friendly. He says hi to everyone. Mimi is a beauty inside and out. She is super smart and really needs to get to school! She says wonderful things like " I want to be pretty like you". Since i am not pretty and was never told it, oh it feels nice.

Which brings me to my body. I am still on the track to bariatric surgery.  I've been to a few seminars and lots of doctors, read tons of books and sites and spoken to a few folks post surgery. I am 80% convinced I should do it. I lost weight and put it back on to the tune of about 500 pounds or so.

Anyway, that's what is going on. That's the monthly download.

Hope all is well with you


  1. Wow! Haven't been on in ages. Can't believe the twins are 5. OMG! How time flies - I remember when you got pregnant!!!

    Anyway, congrats on the all-day Pre-K program in NYC. Hope NJ adopts same, fast! :)

    Three women I know in my company have had bariatric surgery. All weighed in the 260-350 range. They all look amazing!!! Within 6 months of surgery they were literally half their former sizes. I'm all for it. Good luck to you!!!

  2. Congrats, EB. You scored with UPK! Didn't fare so well here as we were waitlisted for 7 public schools in our Queens neighborhood. Ridiculous! Can't even send the kids to the school up the block. So aggravated. I did get two spots at a CBO that had just announced free full day in May. I guess my 8th choice is better than none LOL Congrats!

    1. Oh no that is insane! Great about the CBO tho. Thanks for the comment.

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