Saturday, August 16, 2014

Holy Crapola they are 4! Now where is my bed?

The kids just turned 4. We were on vacation which I have realized means kids having fun, mum running herself to the ground, dad catching a head cold (aka man flu) and not helping in the least.


So here i am, back from holiday and i am totally exhausted. What a joke.

I did give the fella a kick up the pants - an intervention of sorts. I went to see his therapist with him and alone and just let it all hang out. I told him that he either engages or gets out. No half measures. He committed and has been doing well (except on holiday where is totally got an E-)

the kids didn't notice coz they are used to daddy being useless but they did appreciate anything he did for them - which I can't actually remember at the moment.

We got back last night and it all went to shyte. Mimi screamed from midnight onwards coz she wanted to sleep in our bed (nooooo!) and DH was roaming like a vampire complaining of a really bad pain in his back. At 2am he went to the ER and it turns out he has kidney stones. OK, I know, they are super painful but omfg here comes the suffering.

While he was in the ER he updated me every time anything happened. He got back at 4am and woke me up to tell me all about it. Then Pip got up at 5am.

Seriously folks. I cannot do this. I work hard and balance my life well (I think) but after no rest on vacation and no sleep last night I have face ticks and a heavy head cold. When I go back to work on Monday it will be full on with back to back catch up meetings and the absolutely crazy ass that is my chosen profession.

Then I look at the kids. Pip is such a sweetheart. He is cuddly and cute and funny as hell. He giggles as much as he can and is as smart as a whip. Mimi is a firecracker with smarts way beyond her years. She can count and read even tho we are the laziest parents ever. She is kind and polite and bloody tempered and mean witch when she wants to be.  They both discovered their water baby heritage on vacation - splashing around with me in the pool for as long as they could without getting hypothermia.

Pip decided to quit diapers and is completely potty trained. He just decided one day. Just like he decided suddenly to quit teddy bears and binkies. Mimi needs a night nappy and hates using public toilets (don't really blame her).  Basically they are pretty damn amazing all around.

And in no time at all they start PreK in a very good but fairly ancient public school. It looks like something from my childhood and I love it. Big heavy doors, little tables and loo's. The smell of boiled cabbage and concentration. Good luck, dear teachers, you will have a major challenge with my guys and I have no intention of curbing their spirit.

OK. I have 50 mins to the cavalry arrives and I can sleep for two hours, uninterrupted. Two whole hours.

OH! I nearly forgot - I read a full novel for the first time since the kids arrived. Whohooo!

Hope all is well with you.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Pip and Mimi! Wow! Can't believe you are 4 already! Every year when you post about their birthday, EB, I still giggle when I think of your daring transfer. You were my hero! And look at that, your intuition proved correct! Hoping your first year of school is amazing!

  2. Miss your updates. Hope all is well.

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